With vast experience in a multitude of platforms, we are able to design and integrate a large variety of technologies including Siemens, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Pilz, Indramat, Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Cognex and much more.

As a controls systems integrator, Paragon Professional Engineering has extensive experience in integrating many different system architectures.


  • Allen Bradley

  • Siemens

  • Modicon


  • 810D / 840D Powerline

  • 810D / 840Dsl (Solutionline)

  • Kinetix 6200 / 6500

  • Indramat (Indradrive)


  • Fanuc

  • ABB

  • Motoman


  • WinCC, WinCC Flexible

  • Protool

  • Transline

  • Factory Talk Automation

  • GE Proficy

Control Architecture

Unsure of what architecture works best for you...

There are a numerous manufacturers of PLC’s, HMI’s, CNC’s, motion controllers, robots, safety controllers, and general control components.   Having worked with a wide variety of platforms we are sure we can define an architecture that specifically fits your needs.

Hardware Design

Every successful project starts with a comprehensive hardware design addressing all of the specific objectives.  These designs include extensive detail outlining how to implement these designs.  The inclusion of such detail eliminates any ambiguity throughout the installation phase.

All designs are completed using AutoCAD  and can be detailed in either JIC or IEC format based on customer requirements.

Paragon predefined milestones:
Effective use of a comprehensive library
Design using standardized stock lists incorporating technical characteristics simplifying the design process (superseded by customer specifications were applicable)
Effective use of a quality control process

HMI Design

The key to an effective interface is to provide information in an intuitive manner without making that information appear cumbersome.  Through the use of templates for several different types of screens, this process has become simplified and has been specifically designed to allow operators to obtain the information they need when then need it. The implementation of such techniques helps to decrease downtime.  However, when an incident occurs that requires additional personnel, high level diagnostic information is provided to efficiently analyze the machine.

A tremendous amount of focus is placed on providing information to the operator above that of a standard interface.  Standard interfaces allow a knowledgeable operator to interface with the machine to perform manual functions, initiate auto cycle and to annunciate faults when they occur.  The innovative techniques we use to implement advanced level screens address the needs to be able to quickly and easily get a machine into operation after a fault incident occurs.  Further enhancements include operator prompting, multi-level password protection, advanced access levels, data entry validation, and enhanced data display elements.

Motion Control Programming

A motion control system is designed to perform position control tasks on a system that encompasses an open (rarely) or closed position control loop on  a specific device.  This task can be an easy or difficult task based on the controller performing the task the capability of the commissioning engineer.   However, what happens when the person programming or troubleshooting the system is not intimately familiar with the platform?

By using extensive motion control templates, the motion control programming not only becomes simplified to integrate but simplified to troubleshoot.

Paragon places a large focus on simplifying difficult tasks so that implementation and troubleshooting tasks become as simplified as possible.  Investing time in the proper design/implementation of difficult tasks can lead to a tremendous payback in terms of uptime, production, and time to market.


The key to a resilient robotic application is to create a solution that requires very little human interaction.  When operator interference is required, the focus must be placed on quickly and easily recovering the system to a point where auto cycle can be initiated.

At Paragon, we concentrate on creating and implementing solutions that minimize any direct interaction with the robot controller.   Emphasis is placed on attempting to auto correct any issues.  Any complications that cannot be resolved through automated resolution techniques need to be resolved through minimal interaction and in a user friendly manner.  Manually initiated automated recovery techniques address the need for resuming automatic cycle with minimal operator interaction.  Proper implementation of such techniques results in less downtime and increased performance.