Our Mission Statement

Our Vision Statement

To be considered as one of the most technologically advanced companies and internationally recognized as a leading automation systems integrator. 

Our Mission Statement 

To be the premier automation solution provider of choice among original equipment manufacturers and end users by providing superior service with professional staff at competitive rates that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. 

Business Considerations

Whether you are considering implementing an automated system for the first time, upgrading an antiquated control system, or need assistance implementing the latest technologies, we are certain our involvement can bring much value to your system.  Our in-depth experience allows us to draw upon various implementation strategies to develop a system that will create the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Paragon Professional Engineering prides itself in developing systems that accelerate production by implementing techniques that limit human intervention and also facilitate every aspect of machine interaction when it is required.


Outsourcing to an experienced systems integrator can keep operating costs down as it minimizes the number of in-house experienced engineers that need to be retained on staff.

Paragon Professional Engineering keeps its staff trained and experienced in implementing the latest technologies available on the market which will reduce your in-house training and implementation costs. 

Our experienced staff are able to analyze your needs with in-depth knowledge of integrating multiple automation systems in a variety of applications and manufacturing environments to create the right solution for your company’s needs.  Once the solution is integrated, Paragon can provide additional training services to train maintenance staff in handling different areas of rout. 


With well-defined procedures to ensure quality control and in-depth development of library functions, Paragon Professional Engineering excels at providing engineering services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Through the development of proven techniques, Paragon employs practices that reduces time to market, increases productivity, and provides useful tools for performing diagnostics.

Every aspect of controls design has been thoroughly analyzed yielding tools, methods and procedures that address the common sources of error while simultaneously reducing the overall design time.